Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes for Women

FitRight offers a wide range of classes for both the childbearing years, and for women in general.

Keen to keep fit during and after pregnancy, or after having a baby, but unsure how to do this safely and effectively? The FitRight physio team would love to help you! Join us for our pregnancy and postnatal exercise classes!! 

Are you aged 45-65 years and keen to keep fit and strong during menopause? Would you like to attend a class which is designed to benefit bone density, pelvic floor health and cardiovascular health? The FitRight physio team would love to help you! Join us for our FitRight Woman classes!!

Our classes are run back to back throughout the year in 6 week blocks. All our classes are safe, Physio-led, and rebatable on private health insurance. Plus, by having a pelvic floor muscle pre-assessment, we can ensure that our classes are as pelvic floor friendly as possible!

Pilates-style Pregnancy Fitness Classes and Aqua Pregnancy Fitness Classes, ideal for keeping fit and managing pain during pregnancy

Pilates-style Postnatal Fitness Classes and Aqua Postnatal Fitness Classes, for mums of babies and toddlers.

Resistance, cardio & pilates-style workouts ideal for menopausal-aged women