Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a handy list of frequently asked questions below.
When should I start FitRight exercise classes?

You can commence FitRight’s Bump&Me Studio and Aqua Fitness Classes at any stage of pregnancy, as long as you have the all clear from the health professional (GP, obstetrician, midwife) looking after you. We recommend you attend these classes during your second and third trimesters and you are welcome to attend right up until your due date!

You can commence FitRight’s Baby&Me Studio and Aqua Fitness classes after your baby has had his or her 6 week immunisations, as long as you have been given the all clear from the health professional (GP, obstetrician, midwife) looking after you. Please note you will also be required to attend a FitRight initial assessment before commencing classes. 

If your youngest child is over 6-8 months old, you might prefer FitRight’s more advanced Studio and Aqua Fitness Classes  – MumTime and Toddler&Me. If you would like to attend these more challenging classes when you are earlier postnatal, please note that we will need specific clearance from your specialist physiotherapist that did your FitRight assessment.

Do I need a referral to attend FitRight exercise classes?
You do not need a referral as such, however you will need to sign off on our registration forms that you have received the all clear from the health professional (GP, obstetrician, midwife) looking after you.
What does a FitRight initial assessment entail?
For information about FitRight’s initial assessments please visit our FitRight Initial Assessments page.
Are FitRight classes covered by my health insurance?

If you have private health insurance, it is highly likely that you will receive a rebate for FitRight classes as all our classes are delivered by qualified physiotherapists. The amount that you get back will depend on your level of cover, and how much you have already used, so you should check your individual circumstances with your health insurance provider.

For pregnancy fitness classes please quote code 595 for ‘antenatal exercise’ or for mums and bubs post natal exercise classes quote code 596 for ‘postnatal exercise’. Please note that these are PHYSIOTHERAPY codes, they do not come under ‘pilates’ as part of extras cover. We are also able to use the code 561 for ‘group exercise classes’, please email us if you have any further questions. 

Please also note that receipts for private health rebates are sent at the end of each six week course. We cannot provide a claimable receipt for classes that have not been attended.

How do I pay for my FitRight classes?

Bookings for all classes can be made on our website in the 2 weeks prior to classes commencing. Once a course has commenced you will need to email [email protected] for part course enrolments. 

Once you click sign up, you will be directed to MindBody where you will be asked to create an account (or enter your current details if you already have an account). You will be sent a confirmation email once you have signed up. Please note that no payment is taken through MindBody. You will be emailed an invoice by FitRight 1-2 days after making your booking. If you do not receive a confirmation email please email us at [email protected]

What do I need to bring to a class?

Water bottle – it’s important to keep hydrated!

Classes involving baby massage require you to bring a towel and some baby massage oil.

If you are bringing your baby to a (and we are happy for you to do so!) please bring them in a pram to make it easy for the volunteers to care for them.

What do I need to wear to a class?
Comfortable clothing such as leggings and a t-shirt are ideal. Most of the time we exercise in bare feet or socks, but if you have knee or foot issues that are helped with suuportive footwear, please bring these along for the standing portions of the classes.
Where will my baby be while I exercise?

The babies can be looked after by community volunteers in very close proximity to where you are exercising. You will be able to hear and see whether the volunteers need assistance with your little one.

Who are the volunteers?

The volunteers are lovely members of the community who have offered their time to make it easier for you to return to exercise after having a baby. All volunteers require a Working With Children Check and be up to date with their Whooping Cough Vaccines before commencing volunteer work with FitRight. The volunteers will be in the same area as you while you exercise so that you can easily see and hear if you need to stop the class to attend to your child.

What if my class is on a Public Holiday?

We do not run FitRight classes on public holidays. If your class falls on a public holiday your invoice will be amended and a discount applied. You will still receive your free class. 

Got another question? 

Please send us an email!