BSc (Physiotherapy) Hons

Where do you work as a Physio and what type of clients do you treat on a normal day?

I’m currently 4 years in to my PhD at Curtin looking at the effects of water-based exercise in people with heart disease, so I see participants at the hospital or uni. I also work as a research assistant at Curtin for another heart disease project and have worked with UWA on various exercise/ lifestyle related projects.

Which FitRight classes do you currently teach?

I am not teaching regular classes at the moment. 

What do you love most about being a FitRight Instructor?

My passion is encouraging people to get more active to improve their health and prevent (or manage) chronic diseases. FitRight allows me to help women to do this at various stages of their lives, particularly during times when they are at risk of becoming less active.  I took part in Bump and Me and Baby and Me classes when I had my son and loved the friendly group atmosphere and want to help more women experience this.