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We care about Pelvic Floor Friendly Exercise for Women

FitRight offers physiotherapist-led small group pregnancy and postnatal exercise classes, as well as exercise classes for women of any age, that are low impact and pelvic-floor-friendly while still being challenging.

These Prenatal, Mums and Bubs, Mums Only or Women’s fitness classes aim to optimise core strength, flexibility and posture. They are specifically designed to be suitable for women who suffer from common issues such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, joint pain and abdominal muscle separation.

Pregnancy Fitness Classes

Studio & Aqua Pregnancy Exercise Classes

Postnatal Fitness Classes

Studio & Aqua Exercise Classes For Mums

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Fitness Classes for Women

Studio & Aqua Exercise Classes For Women

Pregnancy Online

Online Exercise Classes for Pregnant Women

New Mums Online

Online Classes for New Mums

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Empower Online

Online Exercise Classes for Women of All Ages

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Benefits & Outcomes

Benefits & outcomes


The FitRight Difference

  • Led by physiotherapists with extra training in women’s health and fitness

  • Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle assessment with a physiotherapist is a pre-requisite

  • All classes are low impact, and have many different levels of exercise options

  • Rebatable on private health

  • Community volunteers on hand at Baby&Me and Toddler&Me classes to care for your child/children.

For more information about what sets FitRight exercise classes apart from other forms of exercise for women during the childbearing years and menopause, read Taryn’s blog post – What Is The FitRight Difference?.

Taryn Watson

FitRight Founder




FitRight Physiotherapists offer a variety of education workshops for pregnant women, new Mums, health and fitness professionals and community members. We are passionate about educating others on topics to do with pelvic floor and core muscles, safe exercise during pregnancy, and the importance of individualised postnatal return to exercise.

Pregnancy and Menopause

FitRight Physiotherapists offer a variety of education workshops about pregnancy/postnatal.

Health Professionals

FitRight Physiotherapists offer a variety of education workshops about health and fitness professionals.


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